Elodie Saint-Louis

Hi there! I’m a Haitian-American writer from Marietta, Georgia currently based in Los Angeles. I graduated from Harvard University in 2018, where I shot on 16 and 35mm film, had a weekly radio show and lived in a co-op. I am a recipient of the Georgia Poet Laureate’s Prize and was selected for the inaugural Periplus Fellowship in 2021.

I started my career at Creative Artists Agency, where I worked for a senior agent in the Books to TV & Film Department. From 2020 to 2022, I collaborated with director Kahlil Joseph on his upcoming feature film—“an ongoing art project that blurs the lines between art, journalism, entrepreneurship, and cultural critique” produced by Participant and to be distributed by A24—and worked as a writer’s assistant to artist Arthur Jafa.

You can find me on Substack via Permanent Daydream, a dispatch where I share a few impressions, recommendations, and the occasional insight. 

Selected Writing & Interviews


The Eye,” ZYZZYVA, Issue 125, 2023

The Trip,” Joyland, 2022



Garden Time,” Worms Issue 8, 2023

In the Neighborhood,” DEAR ZINE, Issue 02: Dear Neighbor, 2023

Interviews & Features 

This Film Explores the Overlooked Legacy of Black British Music,” AnOther, 2024

Interview with Maggie Nelson on her new book Like Love, Skylight Books Podcast, 2024

Olivia Laing’s New Book Explores the Radical Potential of Gardens,” AnOther, 2024 

Rahim Fortune’s New Book Is a Poetic Portrait of Black Southern Identity,” AnOther, 2024

Celebrating Gordon Parks, a Pioneering Photographer of Black American Life,AnOther, 2024

Uncovering Britain’s Groundbreaking Black-British Women Photographers,” AnOther, 2024

Interview with Tommy Orange on his new novel Wandering Stars, Skylight Books Podcast, 2024

Naima, the Publication Spotlighting a “New Black Surrealism,” AnOther, 2024

This Book Is an Ambitious Survey of Sport on the African Continent,” AnOther, 2024

Interview with Rosecrans Baldwin on his book Everything Now: Lessons from the City-State of Los Angeles, Skylight Books Podcast, 2023

Diego Vourakis’ Warm Ode to the Radiant Spirit of Cuba, AnOther, 2023

Interview with Clement Virgo, AnOther, 2023

How a Secret Porn Stash Inspired Carla Williams’ Self-Portrait Series,” AnOther, 2023

Interview with Liza Kaneva Hunsicker, Dazed, 2023

Poet aja monet Wants to Decolonize Your Imagination,” AnOther, 2023

Inside the World of Multifaceted Star Esther McGregor,” Present Space, 2023

Kyle Weeks’ Resplendent Portrait of Ghanaian Youth Culture,” AnOther, 2023

Jon Henry’s Powerful Portraits of Black Mothers and Their Sons,” Dazed, 2023

The Electrifying Unseen Photographs of Painter Barkley L Hendricks,” AnOther, 2023

Gabriel Moses’ Debut Exhibition Is a “Salute to Women,” AnOther, 2023

This New Photo Book Looks at the Artists Redefining Black Identity,” Interview with Aida Amoako, AnOther, 2023

Study’s New Issue Celebrates the Confrontational Work of Adrienne Kennedy,” Interview with Christopher Niquet, AnOther, 2023

Visually Arresting Portraits of Hip-Hop’s Biggest Stars,” Interview with Sacha Jenkins, AnOther, 2023

Jade O’Belle’s Film ‘Birthright’ Unearths the Power of Ritual,” Dazed, 2023

Like Touring a Hall of Mirrors: Inside the Absorbing Work of Georgina Starr,” Present Space, 2023

Baldwin Lee’s Empathetic Photos of the American South,” AnOther, 2022

This Photo Book Wants to Rewrite Queer Black History,” Interview with D’Angelo Lovell Williams, AnOther, 2022

Liz Johnson Artur’s Blistering New Book Documents London’s BLM Protests,” AnOther, 2022

In 2021, I interviewed Radha Blank, Jasper Marsalis and others for the 365th issue of i-D, guest edited by artist Arthur Jafa.

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